• Regular school attendance is an important element for success in school. When a student is frequently absent, tardy, or dismissed early from school, students lose valuable instructional time. Because regular attendance is necessary for students to succeed in school, the Pennsbury School District encourages all parents and guardians to stress the importance of punctuality and regular attendance with their children. Our Student Conduct of Conduct sets forth the attendance policy for the District. Effective with the 2020- 2021 school year, a child must comply with compulsory attendance requirements from age 6 to age 18.

    In the event a student is marked absent from school, an email and automated telephone call will be sent to the parent or guardian listed in the District's information system. The parent or guardian must submit an absence excuse form within three days of the student's return to school indicating the reason for the absence. An email and automated phone call will be sent each time a student is absent, even if you have notified the school in advance. If you are not receiving automated messages, please contact your child's school. 

    Procedure for Providing an Absence Excuse

    If your child is absent, please do not call the school. The District no longer has an "attendance" option on the automated voice message system. Please use the excuse form template or submit a parent/guardian composed email to the appropriate school's attendance email address listed below. This is the District's preferred method for submitting an excuse form. A handwritten letter is also acceptable. The excuse form/email/letter must be submitted to the school within three days of the student's return to school. The note must clearly indicate the reason for the absence. Please note a phone call does not excuse the student's absence. 

    Attendance Email Address By School

    Afton - afattendance@pennsburysd.org
    Edgewood - ewattendance@pennsburysd.org
    Eleanor Roosevelt - erattendance@pennsburysd.org
    Fallsington - fallsattendance@pennsburysd.org
    Makefield - mkattendance@pennsburysd.org
    Manor - mnattendance@pennsburysd.org
    Oxford Valley - ovattendance@pennsburysd.org
    Penn Valley - pvattendance@pennsburysd.org
    Quarry Hill - qhattendance@pennsburysd.org
    Walt Disney - wdattendance@pennsburysd.org
    Charles Boehm - cbattendance@pennsburysd.org
    Pennwood - pwattendance@pennsburysd.org
    William Penn - wpattendance@pennsburysd.org
    Pennsbury High School - phsattendance@pennsburysd.org

    Acceptable Excuses for Absence

    • Illness, quarantine, or obtaining professional health care or therapy from a licensed practitioner      
    • Family emergency
    • Required court appearance
    • Death in family
    • Observance of a religious holiday observed by a bona fide religious group, upon prior written parental request
    • Educational trips (see more details below)

    Educational Trips

    Requests for permission to have children absent from school for educational trips must be made ten (10) days prior to the trip. The number of approved days absent cannot exceed five (5) days in a given school year. Days beyond this limit will be considered unlawful and/or unexcused. The student will be held responsible for making up missed assignments.

    Unexcused or Unlawful Absences

    If an excuse is not presented within three (3) school days, the absence will be marked unexcused. Only medical excuses, signed by a practitioner, will be accepted after three (3) days.
    All absences for reasons other than those listed above will be considered unexcused. All unexcused absences for students under the age of 17 are also recorded as unlawful.

    Three (3) Unexcused Absences

    When a student accumulates three days of unlawful absence in a school year, the school will send a letter to the parent/guardian. In addition, a School Attendance Improvement Plan may be developed to improve student attendance.

    Six (6) Unexcused Absences

    After six (6) unexcused absences, the school must develop a School Attendance Improvement Plan.

    More than six (6) unexcused absences

    For each incident of unlawful absence after the sixth unlawful absence, a referral to Children and Youth may be made or a truancy citation may be filed with the District Magistrate.

    Ten (10) Cumulative Absences

    Whenever a student accumulates ten or more absences in a school year (excused and/or unexcused), a medical excuse will be required for every subsequent absence, and a School Attendance Improvement Plan may be developed.

    Ten (10) Consecutive Absences

    Whenever a student has ten (10) consecutive absences, and there is no evidence that these absences are excused, the district is required to remove the student from its active membership roll.

    Tardiness and Early Dismissal

    Whenever students arrive late or depart prior to the end of the school day, parents/guardians must present the school with a written note explaining the situation. These incidents are recorded as “excused” or “unexcused” applying the same criteria as those for full-day absences.

    Thank you for taking the time to review this information and for partnering with us for your student’s success in school.