Section 504

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    Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities.  Section 504 ensures that a child with a disability has equal access to their education as their non-disabled peers do.  

    A child may be eligible and in need of accommodations and modifications (a 504 Service Agreement Plan).  A Protected Handicapped Student is a child with identified physical or mental disabilities that substantially limit a major life activity.


    How Do Students Get Referred for a 504 Process?

    A student can be referred for a 504 evaluation either by parents or by representatives from the school district. If parents request an evaluation, this must be presented to the school district in writing. If an evaluation is initiated, the school district will complete an eligibility determination (documented in a 504 Eligibility Report), which may lead to the development of a 504 Service Agreement Plan.


    What if a Student Qualifies for a 504 Plan?

    If parents and the school district agree that a student needs to have a service agreement, then the service agreement is written and executed by a representative of the school district and by the parents.  

    The 504 service agreement must specify the related aids, services, and accommodations that the student will receive, and the date the services will begin and end.  If appropriate, a service agreement should also identify procedures to occur in the event that the student has a medical emergency.


    504 Case Management in Pennsbury:

    Service agreement plans are annual documents that require a team review and parent approval each school year. 504 Plans are managed by school counselors. Your child’s case manager (school counselor) is your point of contact for discussing the 504 plan and working to have annual reviews and meetings. 


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