• The following policy is to substantiate Section 1302 of the School Code which provides non-resident school children free school privileges. This policy will be further enforced by administrative procedures as provided under separate cover.

    TITLE: Non-Resident Student’s Right to Free School Privileges.

    The Affidavit you will sign certifies that you are (a) resident (s) of the PENNSBURY SCHOOL DISTRICT and that you are supporting a non-resident school child, gratis. The affidavit further requires that you swear that you will assume all personal obligations related to any and all school requirements of the child and that you intend to keep and support the above child continuously and not merely through the school term. Affidavits must be renewed on a yearly basis.

    The Pennsbury School District periodically investigates the continuing truth of affidavits submitted under 1302 of the School Code. It is, therefore, requested that you not sign the affidavit unless you are certain that the facts set forth in this document are completely true and correct. You should be aware that if the Affidavit you are about to make is not true and correct, you could be subject to criminal penalty for false swearing. False Swearing is a misdemeanor of the Third Degree in Pennsylvania, punishable by a fine of up to $2,500.00, imprisonment for one year, or both. Additionally, you may subject yourself to a civil action for damages if it is later shown that the above child is not properly entitled to free school privileges.

    Please be advised that by signing the affidavit you are not only swearing that the facts set forth in that document are correct, you are also certifying that you will notify the PENNSBURY SCHOOL DISTRICT immediately if any facts set forth in the affidavit shall no longer be correct, and that you will cooperate with the District if information is later requested concerning the continuing correctness of the affidavit. You should also be aware of the following District procedures:

    • The district reserves the right to ask a sponsor of a non-resident child enrolled pursuant to Section 1302 of the School Code for proof that the facts set forth in the affidavit are correct where information has been received casting doubt upon the initial or continued correctness of the Affidavit.
    • Lack of cooperation with the District representatives or failure to show that a sponsor is, in fact, continuing to keep and support a non-resident child gratis, may be deemed grounds to require that the student involved be denied admission to Pennsbury Schools or remain in the attendance on a tuition basis only.
    • The burden of proof shall be upon the sponsor of the child to show that the non-resident student is eligible for free school privileges pursuant to Section 1302 where information has been received casting doubt on initial or continued eligibility of the student. An administrative hearing held before a District representative may be scheduled for the purpose of allowing the sponsor to present evidence of eligibility.
    • In the event the District shall determine that a sponsor has failed to show that the student continues to be eligible for free school privileges, the sponsor will be notified in writing that the District plans to take one or all of the following actions, where appropriate:
    1. Refuse to continue enrollment of the student.
    2. Accept continued enrollment of the student on a tuition basis only.
    3. Initiate appropriate criminal or civil action against the sponsor.

    The Affidavit Form must be submitted with all supporting documents to Student Services. For more information, please see the Acceptable Proof of Residency document below. 

    For more information, please contact Student Services at 215-428-4100 ext. 10021.