Student Dress Code

  • Appropriate dress and appearance are expected of all Charles Boehm students. The following list highlights areas of concern:

    • No low-cut shirts that expose any part of the midriff.
    • No excessively tight clothing.
    • All tops must have a two-inch strap minimum with no undergarments showing at all.
    • No garments with holes or frays.
    • Shorts and skirts must not include lettering on the backside and must not be rolled up, and must be no shorter than mid-thigh length.
    • Backless shoes of any type, including sneakers, are not allowed in school.

    Students who violate the dress code will be removed from class and may be asked to make parental contact in order to obtain attire more appropriate for school if they are unable to utilize clothing already at school. Repeat offenders of the dress code policy will be subjected to progressive student discipline.

    Review Pennsbury's complete Student Dress Code in the Student Code of Conduct.