Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

  • It is imperative that cellphones and other electronic devices be turned off during the school day and that they are never visible at school. They are remarkably distracting and can be difficult to manage, especially when unexpected calls or messages are received. In addition, students and parents need to understand that taking and distributing photographs and private, sometimes inappropriate communication can lead to a multitude of issues. Once shared, this media is not able to be deleted. When these issues are taken into schools, they can provide disruptions and problems for students and teachers. I would like to recommend that cell phones and electronic devices be limited to emergency use only. I would also like to remind students and their parents that after the first warning of a cell phone violation, parents will be notified and asked to pick up the device. Repeated offenses of the cell phone policy will lead to further disciplinary action, including detentions and possible suspension. Please review this information with your children and help them understand the potential negative impact of electronic media.