A Message from the Principal

  • Oxford Valley Elementary School


    The mission of Oxford Valley is to develop a culture where everyone works together to build a community of integrity where everyone is safe and able to learn and collaborate at his or her unique potential by giving his/her best effort.

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

  • As you know, Oxford Valley Elementary School is a remarkable school with dedicated teachers, committed parents, and eager students.  We have many accomplishments to be proud of in academics, the arts, and community fundraising efforts. However, our team would like to further our efforts by implementing a system that fosters a community in which each member feels valued, respected, connected, and safe.  We are proud and profoundly excited to introduce Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). PBIS in not a program or a curriculum. PBIS is a framework that guides and supports behavioral and academic instruction.

    PBIS Overview:

    PBIS is a focus on ALL settings and on ALL students. There is direct instruction of all students in Classroom, Cafeteria, Playground, Bathroom, Hallway, and Bus expectations. In keeping with our school mascot of the “owl”, our PBIS program will emphasize that OV Owls are W.I.S.E. and teach these four attributes:


    W = Working together     I = Integrity     S = Safety     E = Effort

    Our team has taken the time to define what these attributes will look like in all classroom and non-classroom settings. Our faculty will also be teaching these attributes and expectations to all students for each setting (classroom, bus, bathroom, hallway, cafeteria, and playground).


    Key Features:

    It is important to understand that our emphasis is on prevention. Our intention is to reduce new cases of problem behaviors. This will require ongoing re-teaching of expectations by school staff and monitoring of students' behaviors (positive behaviors too) in both structured and non-structured settings.


    How does the Program Work?:

    Through direct instruction and role-play, students are taught W.I.S.E. behavioral expectations in specific school settings. As faculty and staff “catch” students demonstrating W.I.S.E. expectations, they will be recognized and rewarded.

    We have taken the time to define each behavioral expectation in each setting.  These W.I.S.E. expectations are now printed on posters throughout the building in all areas.  Teachers will be introducing these expectations and teaching them throughout the year to all students.  There will also be videos created in the near future starring our own students and staff to instruct and reinforce these expectations.  Additionally. we have further developed the "Oxford Valley Restorative Agreement".  We will be using this agreement with students to communicate any incidents of concern to you.  This Restorative Agreement is not a discipline form; it is merely a way for the student to take the time to reflect on his or her behavior, its impact on others, and how he or she can rectify the situation.  For any severe or chronic behaviors, there is a separate INFORMATIONAL form we will use to document this incident(s) and to send it home for your signature.  
    For students who are demonstrating the desired behaviors/expectations, we have created W.I.S.E. tickets to be used to acknowledge their positive behaviors.  These tickets will then hang on the Principal's 200 Club wall, also affectionately called our "W.I.S.E. Wall".