A National School of Character

  • Comprehensive character education addresses many tough issues in education while developing a positive school climate. It can be effective in any school setting, as our National Schools of Character demonstrate. Educators from this diverse array of schools have transformed their school cultures, reduced discipline referrals, increased academic achievement for all learners, developed global citizens, and improved job satisfaction and retention among teachers.

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How do we practice PAWS?

  • Students are taught to use PAWS to achieve academic excellence and social/emotional success . There are posters with expected behavior of how to practice PAWS in the classrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and cafeteria that are visible in all the shared spaces in our school. This visible reminder prompts all of us to PAUSE for PAWS (stop and think) as we make decisions. When students, faculty, staff, parents, and community members are caught practicing one aspect of PAWS, they are recognized by putting their name and a brief description of their action on a paw print which is displayed in the hallway.  The cafeteria has instituted a program to recognize PAWS behavior where students receive special incentives during lunch such as a seat at the "PAWS Cafe" or having their picture displayed on the monitor screen by the office.  We recognize those who received a paw print as a way to inspire and remind the community of ways that PAWS can be practiced.

    Quarry Hill takes time to

    PAUSE for PAWS

    P - Practice Respect

    A - Accept Responsibility

    W - Work Together

    S - Stay Positive

    Through the PAWS program, Quarry Hill Elementary School is dedicated to weaving character education through every element of the school day in order to create a supportive environment that partners with parents and the community to foster the academic, emotional, and social growth of students ​in order to develop responsible, productive, and caring citizens.