• Dear Penn Valley Families,

    Please take the time to review these procedures carefully. We continue to evaluate our procedures and make
    changes to improve safety for our students and the community. Safety is a priority for our students.

    Student Arrival by Vehicle:
    The driveway between North Park Drive and North Turn Lane is exclusively for parent drop off and pick up.
    This is a one-way driveway entered from North Park Drive. When dropping students off via the car rider line,
    drivers are expected to come to the next available cone to drop off students in front of the A-wing doors. Stay
    in one straight line, stop your vehicle, drop off your child and you are free to go. Please do not get out of your
    vehicle as we want to keep traffic moving smoothly. We will have staff on duty beginning at 8:35 AM, so your
    child will be greeted. Please do not hold up the car rider line watching your child enter the building. All
    students can enter through the A-wing doors to walk inside the building or they can use the walkway that leads
    to the B-wing door. Please follow the directions given by our security guard.

    *Parents are not allowed to use the bus loop on North Turn Lane. This is designated strictly for buses and vans.
    Please do not park anywhere in this loop.

    Student Dismissal by Vehicle:
    The pick-up traffic pattern is the same as the arrival pattern. A staff member will greet you and identify which
    cone near the A-wing door you can pick up your child(ren). Please post, in large print, the student’s last
    name on a piece of paper in the windshield to expedite the pick-up process.

    Walkers Arrivals:
    Students should not arrive at school before 8:45 AM, unless they are having breakfast, which begins at 8:35
    AM. Students whose classrooms are in A-wing will wait under the canopy at the end of A-wing. Students
    whose classrooms are in B or C-wing will wait under the canopy at the end of B-wing. The students will stand
    in line based on their designated grade level. Doors will open at 8:50 AM, at which time students will proceed
    to their classrooms. Parents will not be permitted to accompany children to their classrooms.

    Walkers Dismissal:
    Students in Grades 2, 3, 4 & 5 will be dismissed through the B-wing exit. Students in Grades K & 1 will
    be dismissed through the A-wing exit. Older siblings may meet younger siblings under the canopy at A-wing.
    Walkers must go directly home.

    Bicycle Riders:
    Students in Grade 3, 4 & 5 may ride bikes to school, but must wear a helmet. All bikes should be parked and
    locked at one of the bike racks in the courtyard between A and B-wing.

    Bus Arrival:
    Bus riders will go directly to the gym where they will be supervised until 8:50 AM, when they will be dismissed
    to their classrooms. Bus riders who are eating breakfast will report directly to the cafeteria upon arrival.

    Bus Dismissal:
    Bus and childcare riders will report directly to the gym. Students will board their buses/vans from that location.

    Dog & Pet Owners:
    While many of us own dogs, bringing dogs or other pets to our dismissal area is NOT permitted. Dogs can
    become startled at the sight of our students, buses, vehicles, parents and other dogs. This, in turn, can create a
    situation for our students (especially our younger students) that is not safe. Also, there are students who are
    allergic to animals.

    Changes in Your Child’s Dismissal Plans:
    Any change that is made to your child’s dismissal plan must be indicated in writing for your child’s teacher.
    This could include a change in how your child leaves (walker vs. vehicle rider) or even a change in who your
    child is leaving with for the day. It is strongly encouraged that these decisions are made prior to the start of
    school or early in the school day.

    Dismissal Times:
    3:30 PM Dismissal bell chimes –Principal/Designee will make the afternoon announcements.
    3:35 PM Bus/Van students report to the gym. Walkers begin the dismissal process.
    3:37 PM Car riders will begin their dismissal.

    I know that the safety of our children is everyone’s priority. If everyone practices basic safety, exercises
    common sense, follows the traffic laws and has patience, we will make the dismissal process as safe and
    effective as possible for our students.

    Riding the bus is a privilege. Students are expected to behave appropriately while at the bus stop and riding the
    bus. Their appropriate behavior will result in a safe bus ride for all students. These expectations will be
    reviewed at school as well.

    The following expected behaviors are for all Penn Valley students:
    At the bus stop and while riding the bus:

    • Follow directions given by driver and safety.
    • Report any problems to the driver or safety.
    • Keep all materials in your bookbag.
    • Use quiet voices.
    • Sit in assigned seat.
    • Stay seated until bus comes to a complete stop.
    • Use handrail when entering and exiting the bus.
    • Give notes to your teacher if you will not be riding
      the bus.

    Please support us by discussing the above expectations with your son or daughter. This will ensure the safety of all the students on the bus and at the bus stop. Please remember that inappropriate behavior on the bus or bus stop may result in the loss of the bus riding privileges.