Electronic Devices

  • There are no public telephones in any of our elementary buildings. Therefore, telephone calls by our students are not permitted unless permission is given. Students may not use classroom telephones without specific permission from the teacher.

    Students may not use cell phones to make phone calls or text message during school hours. We understand that some parents are concerned about emergency situations and feel that it is necessary for their child to have a cell phone available. While we discourage the possession of a cell phone in school, it is permissible if the parent writes permission for the child to carry it. The cell phone must be turned off and kept in the child’s backpack. It is not to be used during the school day for any purpose including making or taking phone calls, pictures, or text messages.

    We would also like to remind students and their parents that after the first warning of a cell phone violation, parents will be notified and asked to pick up the device. Repeated offenses of the cell phone policy will lead to further disciplinary action. Please review this information with your children and help them understand the potential negative impact of electronic media.

    Electronic devices such as video games, Nintendo DS, iPods, etc. are not allowed to be used during the school day. Pennsbury School District is not responsible for any damage, lost or stolen items. Thank you for your help in monitoring the use of this equipment.