• Athletic Recognition


    Athletic Recognition at Pennsbury High School encompasses various achievements and awards, each representing different levels of dedication, skill, and sportsmanship among student-athletes. From earning varsity letters and pins to receiving special awards, these honors highlight the multifaceted contributions of students to their teams and the school community. Additionally, the signing ceremony acknowledges those committing to collegiate-level athletics, providing a fitting celebration of their accomplishments and future endeavors.


    Team Level Awards

    Earning an athletic letter represents not just dedication to a sport but also a commitment to teamwork, perseverance, and personal growth. It's a tangible symbol of achievement, reflecting countless hours of practice, determination, and passion for the game.


    The awarding of a letter is based on a coach's criteria, which typically encompass a combination of factors such as skill level, contribution to the team, leadership qualities, and commitment to the sport. It's a recognition of excellence and dedication in athletics, reflecting the values and standards set by the coaching staff.



    First year earns a letter

    All subsequent years earn a varsity pin


    Varsity Captains

    First year earns a Captain’s letter and a Captain’s pin

    All subsequent years as a captain earns a captain’s pin



    First year earns a letter

    All subsequent years a certificate



    Senior Athletic Award Ceremony

    A ceremony at the end of senior year for students that have reached the following milestones during their high school athletic careers:


    Senior Athletic Award

    Must have earned a varsity letter for three years in a given sport, including one in their senior year.


    Tri-Athlete Award

    Based on the successful earning of three varsity letters, one in each of the fall, winter and spring seasons during a high school year.  Athletes are eligible for this award each year they compete.  They must have earned at least one varsity letter in their senior year.


    Senior & Tri-Athlete Award

    Earned by a senior who meets the criteria for both the Senior Athletic Award and the Tri-Athlete Award.

    Special Awards


    Harriet L. Reynolds Award

    This memorial award is presented to a senior female athlete who recognizes the importance of team play, and exhibits traits of good sportsmanship and how the game is played and always stives to improve herself both academically and athletically.


    John Bodnarik Award

    This award recognizes a student who has demonstrated outstanding school citizenship including courtesy, integrity, a sense of humor, and a competitive spirit in scholarship and athletics – all those attributes that represent youth and faith in the future.


    Christina M. Hynoski Scholarship Award

    This award is presented to a female or male athlete who is interested in animal science, Veterinary Medicine, or a science field.  This was Christina’s dream, and the recipient of this award will be based on leadership, sportsmanship, scholastic ability, and a positive energetic attitude.  The name of the individual receiving this award will be engraved on a plaque which will be on display in the Pennsbury High School Trophy case.


    Falcon Award

    The falcon Award is our highest athletic award.  It is given to a senior girl and boy in recognition of their athletic ability, competitive spirit, leadership, sense of fair play, and belief in the practice of good sportsmanship in all areas of school life.  The names of these people are engraved on the Falcon plaque, which is on continuous display in the Pennsbury High School trophy case.


    Signing Ceremony


    Student-athletes who commit to a National Letter of Intent (NLI), a legally binding contract representing an Athletic Scholarship (D1&D2), will undergo thorough vetting and receive invitations to participate in one of our three national signing period ceremonies.


    Those signing a Letter of Intent or a Celebratory Letter (a non-binding contract at the D1, D2, D3 Level) will be acknowledged and honored at a breakfast event in June. This June breakfast is dedicated to all student-athletes who will be competing at the collegiate level.


    Contact Brooke Stoudt at BStoudt@pennsburysd.org for vetting.